Compare the difference: Your rate of return makes a HUGE difference in how much money you will save over time.

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Maximize Gain

  • The Power of Compounding
  • Einstein, It is claimed that Albert Einstein once declared compound interest to be “the most powerful force in the universe.” It may only be an urban legend that he said it, but it has become my financial motto and I strongly suggest you adopt it too.
  • Time Is On Your Side—if you are young!
  • Power of Compounding Graph and spreadsheet
  • Exit Excess Expenses
  • How Excess Expenses Can Hurt
  • Exit Excess Expenses

Find Your Fees

  • Many mutual funds and 401Ks (403Bs) have fees on top of fees that suck a lot of your/our hard-earned retirement savings away.  When I was working for Investools, Think or Swim and TDAmeritrade, we talked (laughed) about how these companies hide their fees inside pages and pages of small print legal documents that they have us sign.
  • I have put together a short document that explains the impact of these fees and I can do an analysis of the fees that you are paying if you would like to see what you are currently paying them.  When I opened this fund, I made a commitment to have the lowest fees in the industry as I really believe we are in a fight against the major institutions who are out for their own self-interest.
  • I am dedicated to investors, like us, that want to maximize our retirement savings.
  • That is why I made the commitment to charge the lowest fees in the industry for an actively managed fund.  If you find someone lower than my fee of  1%–I will match it.  I think you will find my fee is comparable to many passive funds that could lose over 50% during the next bear market.  As we’ve discussed we will be out of stocks well before that and into a safe, fixed income return or an asset that is growing–not shrinking.
  • Please take a look at the attachment and then let me know if you want to know your fees.

Find Your Fees Freebie

I will run the data for you and then you can take a look at it.
All I need to know is the name of your fund and the financial institution administering your account.