Us Against - Them

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  • Hidden Fees—Small Print and Legaleze
  • Massively Large Companies—Buying Stadiums On Your Dime
  • Passive Investments—The Record on 96% of Mutual Funds
  • Sowing Mistrust—Self Interested (Bs*@t*ds)



 Back End Ratio


 Dark Cloud Cover


 Falling Three Methods

 Gamma Neutral

 Imputed Value

Us Against Them - Jargon

 Incentive Distribution

  J-Curve Effect


 Lapping Scheme

 Labor Theory of Value

 Market Overhang

 Narrow Moat

 Odious Debt


 Pale Recession

 Quick Ratio

 Random Walk

 Sacrifice Ratio


 Umpire Clause

 Wash Sale

 Zero Coupon bond

Us Against Them – Sowing Dis-Trust

 Social Security underpaid 82% of dually entitled widows and widowers

 Galvin charges Scottrade with DOL fiduciary rule violations

 Adviser charged with defrauding investors out of $1 million

 Advisers trying to hide high-fee mutual fund share classes won't fool SEC

 Mutual of Omaha sued over 401(k) plan fees, investment options

 The US Justice Dept. and the Commodities FTC are pursuing charges against UBS, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC for spoofing the metals and equity futures market

 Fidelity charging new fee on Vanguard assets held in 401(k) plans

 Accused of charging clients excessive fees and commissions, Thomas J. Buck has already been barred by FINRA and has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge